Event Details
Event Location: Indoor Huamark Stadium

Event Date: 23-25 November 2018

Ways to travel to the location:

1. Bus routes which pass the indoor stadium

Route 22 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/22
Route 60 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/60
Route 71 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/71
Route 93 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/93
Route 95 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/95
Route 122 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/122
Route 126 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/126
Route 137 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/137
Route 168 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/168
Route 501 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/501
Route 512 - https://www.transitbangkok.com/lines/bangkok-bus-line/512

2. Boat travelling which runs along the river

Get off at the boat pier. Walkout the Soi to Ramkhamhaeng Road in which you find will the Ramkhamhaeng university opposite where you are. Then walk down the road towards Ram Salee intersection in which you will find the indoor stadium

3. Train

Get off at the Huamark Stadium which is the closest station to the indoor stadium. Once down, you can get transport either by taxi or public transport to reach the indoor stadium

4.. Airport link

Get off the airport link at Ramkhamhaeng station after that take public transport or taxi to the indoor stadium