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2018-08-29 16:51:43
TOYOTA LIVE ALIVE  preparation of CS:GO tournament.

TOYOTA using their idea of LIVE ALIVE living outside with technology as the new standard with Toyota cars that answers every need for the next generation which includes 4th Generation hybrid saves fuel and increase efficiency new (Toyota New Global Architecture or TNGA) more fun and more thrill in driving New Toyota Safety Sense or TSS is the new maximum safety system and lastly with Toyota T-Connect Telematics will connect the driver and the vehicle as one.

Mr. Wutikorn has said " our current world is changing, technology is fast developing changing how people lived their lives introducing new challenges with Toyota to accommodate for the new generation LIVE ALIVE is about opening experiences and creating inspiration for everything to live their own way under the ideal that Toyota has started. An event connecting newer generation of people in many ways such as music in collaboration with band Getsunova pop rock face of Thailand with song life with life  creating inspiration of everyone to live their life chase their own dreams find new experiences and have confidence in themselves as in the lyrics. Other than that there is also a short clip released online relating about how each people of the new generation lives their own life according to the ideal. 100 WAYS TO LIVE ALIVE sports Toyota has support sports in many different forms for the newer generation to realize their full potential and exceed their limits. This includes creating runs events to be arranged under special theme. It also supports E-sport tournament events helps develop newer generation of individuals with IQ and EQ. Toyota also has raised the standard of E-sport in Thailand to a globally acceptable standard by organizing CSGO national tournament from august onwards and with Toyota technology that ensures every travel. We want to inspire through travel. That's not just a trip but it's a journey to discover yourself. And give good things to others. It cooperates with famous travelers. Ms. Mint Monthon Kasantikul page owner of I Roam Alone. Join in the propagate experience to run find dream and friendship to travel around the world until You can find what you truly love.

Indulge in new experiences through living in your own unique way and enjoy different events such as campaign LIVE ALIVE in using in real life. Follow news , and participate in events at LIVE ALIVE HUB, facebook fanpage Toyota Motor Thailand and Line id : @Toyota Thailand

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